Abriss – Dachlattenkult LP

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Spastic Fantastic Records ‎(SFR-84)
Twisted Chords ‎(TC163)

19 track Black Vinyl LP

Energetic hardcore punk from all four directions - Hammerhead, Bomb Alert, Pre-War Youth and Descendents. ABRISS from the northern problem areas of the western problem city of Dortmund and the ever-expanding Yuppiezentrale Muenster, however, in their smooth contrast to other genre greats do not fill their handkerchiefs or trump up with flat system criticism. Rather, the Oldschoolpunks songs spit over the caffeine-soaked conclusion with everything too worldly, distributing row after row warnings to uniformed mustache prolls with high-pitched test mirrors and other vile subjects. All hymnic, nonchalant and sarcastic. Lyrically versed, content to the point, authentic and heartwarming rough. Also regarding the complete approach ABRISS differ positively from other stick bands. Not some Metalfreaks play metal here, but veteran trendy hare pay homage to the various influences of German punk over HC up to more melodic climes. Shelf rows of ABRISS shimmer through her record collections. A disc for lovers of original, convincing and well-produced music with heart and attitude. Demolition is the new hardcore (turning) cross of the South, North, East and West!

A1 - Pacholke
A2 - Dachlattentypen
A3 - Kaffeepunx
A4 - Testotanke
A5 - Fick Mein Gehirn
A6 - Gottgeschepper
A7 - Urlaub Oder Abmahnung
A8 - Arbeitseinistkunst
A9 - Landverraad
A10 - Carb Stomp
B1 - Alle Raus
B2 - Wir Sind Die Maden
B3 - Krank
B4 - Uniform=Platzverbot
B5 - Blutkult
B6 - Prollolappen
B7 - Butterbomber Walz
B8 - Hat Er Gerade Zerficken Gesagt?
B9 - Tränen Und Ejakulat

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