Antillectual ‎– Start From Scratch! LP (green vinyl)


Shield Recordings ‎(SLD 034)
Square Of Opposition Records ‎(SofO-035)
Angry Chuck Records ‎(CHUCK#7)

12 track Clear Green Vinyl LP

A1 - Every Crisis Is A Moral Crisis
A2 - Buyer's Remorse
A3 - The Hunt Is On
A4 - America's Worst Role Model
A5 - Cut The Ground From Under Our Feet
A6 - "Kraken Gaat Door!"
B1 - Some Of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
B2 - Chinese Takeover
B3 - Our Hearts
B4 - The New Jew
B5 - Classic Themes Never Get Old
B6 - So Much More

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