Arms Aloft ‎– Sawdust City LP (white vinyl)

Image of Arms Aloft ‎– Sawdust City LP (white vinyl)


All In Vinyl ‎(AIV-034)
Guerilla Asso ‎(KYE-140)
Sawdust City Records ‎(SCR-01LP)

14 track White Vinyl LP Limited to 300 copies.
Europen pressing with 2 extra live songs not included on the US release (which was on Kiss Of Death Records).

SAWDUST CITY finds ARMS ALOFT bringing more of the brand of intelligent punk they debuted on COMFORT, but expanding on it. The influence of DILLINGER FOUR and THE CLASH is still there, but perhaps more obviously filtered through the range of everything from SEBADOH to Japanese rock group THE PILLOWS or a KURT VONNEGUT book-on-tape that you're likely to hear rattling from the two working speakers in the shitty red van they call home. The album is both musically and lyrically dense, but never pretends to be more than the punk rock record it is proud to be.

A1 - Blues For Hiroshi Matsumoto
A2 - Irish Coffee
A3 - The Decline Of Midwestern Civilization
A5 - Skinny Love
A6 - It's Not The Heat, It's The Headwinds
A7 - This Bag Is Not A Toy
B1 - Where Seagulls Dare
B2 - Sawdust City Soundclash
B3 - 10/22/1884
B4 - Blues For Mamimi Samejima
B5 - A Fistful Of Zloyts
B6 - Irish Cofee (live)

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