DRI - Dealing With It LP

Image of DRI - Dealing With It LP


Beer City Records ‎(BCR 111-1)

25 track Black Vinyl LP

1985 debut LP from Dirty Rotten Imbeciles reissued by Beer City.

A1 - Snap
A2 - I'd Rather Be Sleeping
A3 - Marriage
A4 - Yes Ma'am
A5 - Soup Kitchen
A6 - Mad Man
A7 - Stupid, Stupid War
A8 - Counter Attack
A9 - Couch Slouch
A10- God Is Broke
A11 - Karma
A12 - Nursing Home Blues
B1 - I Don't Need Society
B2 - Give My Taxes Back
B3 - The Explorer
B4 - Reagnonomics
B5 - How To Act
B6 - Shame
B7 - Argument Then War
B8 - Evil Minds
B9 - Slit My Wrist
B10 - Busted Again
B11 - Equal People
B12 - On My Way Home
B13 - Bail Out

The whole album is on Youtube