Haest - Anomie LP (slime green vinyl)

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14 track Slime Green Vinyl LP

'Anomie' is the debut album from upcoming genre defying UK punk band Haest.

In their short existence, Haest have been running roughshod through the UK DIY punk scene, clocking up 2 EPs, various compilation tracks, a European tour and a ton of support slots with the likes of The Dwarves, The Adolescents, Pears, Birds In Row and Clowns. The band have developed a sound of their own; mixing influences from hardcore punk, Doom and Noise Rock. Their debut album sees them spread their wings even further, creating a truly unique piece of work.

Despite the serious nature of the music on Anomie, the band have maintained a certain level of light heartedness in both their song titles, which are made up of nonsensical drunken conversation snippets and the first video taken from the album which features them horrifying a potential house buyer when they come to look around the property. “We’re not one thing” explains Dave on the apparent contradiction, “this band is dumb sometimes and super serious at other times just like we are as people and we’re not interested in any pretence, we’re not fucking actors”.

A1 - Unstable Picnic
A2 - I Thought I'd Walked In Shit But It Was A Child's Mitten
A3 - John Travolta Looks Like An Action Man Who's Been Put In A Microwave
A4 - You Can't Come In My Kayak
A5 - Doom & Gloom & Dio Room
A6 - I Haven't Had Crumpets In Ages And Now I Can Dance Really Well
A7 - Too Jittery For Magic
B1 - The Turtle Is In The Handbag
B2 - Are You Telling Me Ipswich Has No Fun Points?
B3 - The Only Good Wham Is A Wham Bar
B4 - The Sat-Nav Keeps Saying Cock Ring Road
B5 - I Opened A Beer With A Bible
B6 - I Want To Get A Chicken And Call It Shawn Michaels
B7 - I Thought I'd Come Up With Something But I Think I May Have Just Written Mongaloid By Devo

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