The Middle Class - Out Of Vogue LP (marbled vinyl)


Frontier Records ‎(31078-1)

14 track Colour Vinyl LP.

Formed in 1977 in Orange County, CA, The Middle Class are (rightly or wrongly) credited with releasing the first hardcore punk 7" with 1978's "Out Of Vogue". This LP compiles that 7", the "Scavenged Luxury EP", the T& Sessions and 4 early demo tracks. An essential part of punk history and easily as good any of the better known hardcore bands that followed.

Out Of Vogue
A1 - Out Of Vogue
A2 - You Belong
A3 - Situations
A4 - Insurgence
T & N Sessions
A5 - Love Is Just A Tool
A6 - Above Suspicion
A7 - Archetype
Scavenged Luxury EP
A8 - Home Is Where
B1 - A Blueprint For Joy
B2 - Last Touch
B3 - Introductory Rites
Early Demos
B4 - Autistic
B5 - You Belong
B6 - No Applause
B7 - What We Do