Dopamines - Hard Pass LP (colour vinyl)

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Rad Girlfriend Records

27 track Colour Vinyl LP (different options in the dropdown box below)

Rad Girlfriend Records has compiled this massive, complete collection of every 7", B-Side, comp track, rarity, cover and unreleased song from The Dopamines dating back to 2006. Clocking in at over an hour long, "Hard Pass" spans The Dopamines entire career in mostly reverse chronological order. It contains all of their EPs and tracks found previously only on long lost cassettes, compilations and limited edition 7"s along with many awesome never before heard songs from album sessions of all 4 of their LPs. On "Hard Pass", there is more than enough music to be equally enjoyed by die hard new fans alike. The album comes with a complete set of liner notes from the band detailing the information about each song and its origins. This will mark the bands third record on Rad Girlfriend Records, after 2017's "Tales of Interest" and the 10th anniversary re-issue of their acclaimed album "Expect The Worst" in late 2020. Comes with a download code on different colored vinyl. FFO: The Copyrights, Lookout Records era Green-Day

01 Groundhogs Day Parade
02 You Think You're Better Than Me
03 Power of Love
04 Midwesternplayalisticeconolinemuzic
05 The King of Swilling Powers, Pt. 1 - Acoustic
06 Business Papers
07 Quality of Armor
08 10 Stories - Acoustic
09 David Wipfler vs. Seasoned Curlys
10 Heads Up Dusters!
11 Douglas Bubbletrousers
12 Beckers
13 Try THIS Kids at Home!
14 October 24th
15 My Future's So Bright, I Have to Wear Night Vision Goggles
16 Operate
17 Jon Has Anxiety
18 Ryan Has Anxiety
19 Worst Case Scenario
20 Structural Failure
21 Soap and Lampshades
22 August Eyes
23 Car Trouble
24 You Must Be Joking
25 A Creativity Boost
26 Pity Party
27 Bad Day

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