Chestnut Road - Chestnut Road II LP (orange vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck013)
PopKid Records (PKE-021)
Snuffy Smiles (SNUFF-134)

10 track Orange Vinyl LP Limited to 428 copies.
Includes download code and 12 page lyric booklet.

It's been a long time coming but the second Chestnut Road LP is OUT NOW. I may be slightly biased but this album is even better than the first one. And not much is better than the first one. Fans of BROCCOLI, HOOTON 3 CAR, J CHURCH, LEATHERFACE, etc take note.

If you're in the US and would prefer to buy local, you can also get it from PopKid and my Japanese friends can get it from Snuffy Smiles.

A1 - Trial
A2 - Shout
A3 - Handshake
A4 - Safety
A5 - Bittersweet
B1 - Bridge
B2 - Ritual
B3 - Lost In The Snow
B4 - Amused
B5 - If I Had Your Pen... (Cringer Cover Version)

Listen / Download here