Chestnut Road / Navel - Split 7" (colour vinyl)

Image of Chestnut Road / Navel - Split 7" (colour vinyl)


update - 29/12/2018 - I have received most of the sleeves for the records from the screenprinters so, if you pre-ordered this record prior to 29th December, your orders will ship in the first few days of January 2019.

Brassneck Records (neck039)

4 track 7" on either Blue or Cream coloured vinyl.
Blue Vinyl Limited to 166 copies & Cream Vinyl Limited to 164 copies.
Includes download code

Sometimes a split release just makes complete sense. While the 2 bands might come from different sides of the planet and not necessarily sound all that alike, you can immediately hear the shared influences. Steeped in the 90's punk tradition of Leatherface, Hooton 3 Car, Broccoli, Snuff et al - this split includes 2 brand new songs from each band and finds them at their absolute best. It includes the first new Chestnut Road songs since 2016's "II" album and is the first vinyl release from Navel since their 2006 split with Fifth Hour Hero.

A1 - Chestnut Road - Black Corridor
A2 - Chestnut Road - Prison
B1 - Navel - Dying
B2 - Navel - End Of The Line

Listen / Download here