Crusades - This Is A Sickness And Sickness Will End LP (splatter)


Anxious + Angry
Countless Altars

8 track Bone Vinyl with Splatter effect.

Ottawa’s Crusades began in 2009, comprised of Jordan Bell on drums, Scott McCash on bass/vocals, Emmanuel Sayer on guitar/vocals, and Dave Williams on guitar/vocals. Prior to Crusades’ formation, the four members played in such established local bands as Sedatives, The Creeps, Buried Inside, The Steve Adamyk Band and others.

The band’s initial and ever-evolving goal is to examine profound personal and universal topics – love, art, life, death, etc – through a lens of freethinking and atheism, offering a critical perspective rooted in philosophical, political, musicological, poetic and historical study.

A1 - 1590 (Swiftness Never Ceasing)
A2 - 1828 (Father Of Waves)
A3 - 1713 (The Scorching Fevers)
A4 - 1940 (Whirr And Chime)
B1 - 1894 (Children of Silence and Eternity)
B2 - 1866 (Porch and Portal)
B3 - 1846 (Once Drinking Deep)
B4 - 1657 (Black Curtains Draw)

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