Dead Bars ‎– Regulars LP (blue vinyl)

Image of Dead Bars ‎– Regulars LP (blue vinyl)


A-F Records
All In Vinyl
No Reason Records

11 track Blue Vinyl LP

"Regulars" is 11 songs of heartfelt and passionate punk rock, which will appeal to anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in the world. ‘Lucky’ and ‘Another Day’ are pure garage-tinged pop-punk ragers that are built for sweaty bar-room call-and-responses, while ‘You Never Left’ and ‘Rain’ show the group’s ability to mix the hopelessness and hopeful. ‘Freaks’, meanwhile, is a rallying call for the misunderstood, while ‘Producto Toxico’ – a song about going to an exotic place and doing the same thing you do at home – carries a relatable world-weariness.

A1 Freaks
A2 I'm a Regular
A3 Pink Drink
A4 Producto Toxico
A5 Time Takes Away
B1 Rain
B2 Lucky
B3 No Tattoos
B4 I Need You
B5 Another Day
B6 You Never Left

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