Dingus - Who Cares? LP (colour vinyl)

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Bloated Kat
Lost Cat Records
Smellhound Records

11 track Random Colour Vinyl LP. Each one is different.

Dingus have been a band forever. Since Jr High. That was over 15 years ago. In that time, they have recorded three albums. This is the third. It is incredible in every possible way. Insanely catchy with near genius instrumentation and even better lyrics, this lp really raises the bar on what pop punk can do. Each track has a fresh sound, and listening to just one could never give you an idea what this band is all about. Released in conjuction with our friends Lost Cat, Smellhound, and Dingus themselves.
Comes in a hand-screened jacket, curtousy of the artist, Todd Purse.

A1 - iRob
A2 - Palestinian Pity
A3 - Arbitrary Fantasy
A4 - Positive QI
A5 - Hiawatha
B1 - Kursk
B2 - The Zombies
B3 - Ole And Lena
B4 - Wherefore Art Thou Jerks
B5 - Epistemology
B6 - Don Quixote

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