Drakulas - Raw Wave LP

Image of Drakulas - Raw Wave LP


Dirtnap Records ‎(ZZZ-147)

10 track Black Vinyl LP

Drakulas are from Austin, TX and feature members of Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against, among others. This is their debut LP, following a 7” on Red Scare. This pretty much nails the sound the Texas branch of the extended Dirtnap family is infamous for. Vibrant, high energy, and dangerously catchy, Raw Wave is tailor-made for fans of The Marked Men, The Dickies, and vintage-era Riverboat Gamblers/High Tension Wires, with a killer recording by Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke at Cool Devices Studio in Ft. Worth, TX. And then there’s the lyrics, high-concept/low-brow weirdness that could only have come from the twisted mind of Gamblers frontman Mike Wiebe.

A1 - I' m Getting Out
A2 - Sonny Tzu
A3 - Beta Max
A4 - My Name In Your Mouth
A5 - Headphones/Slit Throats
B1 - Neon Town
B2 - VHS
B3 - Venus Retreat
B4 - Fist Fight At Pancho's
B5 - Stepping On Glass

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