Eaten Back To Life - Killer (clear vinyl)


Eccentric Pop Records ‎(EP-23)
Mom's Basement Records ‎(MBR-04)

10 track single sided Clear Vinyl album Limited to 200 copies.

Vinyl reissue of the Killer LP which was originally released as a CD only a couple of years ago. It has now been re-recorded in its entirety for this release! Yup, a whole new (and improved) recording so, even if you have the CD you should still give this some ear time. If you want to know what it sounds like, a quick glance at the artwork and song titles will point you in the right direction but probably won't capture just how great this is. One of the very best bands in US pop punk right now.

A1 - Space
A2 - Invaders
A3 - Cut To Pieces
A4 - A Nice Night For A Walk In Hell
A5 - Missing Person
A6 - Wake The Dead
A7 - Crazy Brain
A8 - Hell Cop
A9 - Mad Scientist
A10 - Blood And Guts

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