Epic Problem / Needles//Pins - Split 7" (purple vinyl)


All In Vinyl ‎(AIV-049)

4 track Purple Vinyl 7"

Needles//Pins carry on where they left off on last years excellent LP 'Good Night, Tomorrow'. 2 brand new songs with that familiar, distinctive, gritty pop punk sound.

Epic Problem are one of the best bands in UK punk right now and these 2 songs are a welcome addition to their catalogue and with a cover of 'Propagnda' from Mackie's old band Blitz, there's plenty for old and new fans to get excited about.

A1 - Needles//Pins - Heaven's on the Hillside
A2 - Needles//Pins - Stumble
B1 - Epic Problem - Down
B2 - Epic Problem - Propaganda

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