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Dead Broke Rekerds (DBR-157)

11 track Black Vinyl LP

Dead Broke Rekerds recovered the remaining 300 copies from the original pressing of ex-Crimpshrine classic east bay punk band, Fifteen's 4th album, re-packaged & released with new alternate artwork, printed on 2-color silk-screened jackets. Includes 1-color lp insert reproduced from original.

*Disclaimer: NOT a Reissue! This is old stock from 1995. All of the inner sleeves have been changed to fresh new ones. The vinyl is old and some may have a slight warp that does not affect play.

A1 - Front
A2 - Chris' Song
A3 - Run II
A4 - The Deal
A5 - Grow Up
A6 - Emmancipa Proclima
B1 - Over And Over
B2 - Intelligence
B3 - Jesus
B4 - Rainbow Connection
B5 - Violation II