Fist City / Piss Test - Split 7"

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Drunken Sailor Records ‎(drunken sailor 028)

5 track Black Vinyl 7" with download code that includes an exta Fist City song.

Piss Test are from Portland featuring members of Red Dons, Therapists, Cuntifiers, Scott Baio Army, Soda Pop Kids, Call Sign Cobra, and Zach the Cuntry Wonder, Shadowhouse. This Portland trio are flat-out hot. I'm talking punk-as-fuck type stuff that rocks! Raw sound and memorably vitriolic lyrics, when you hear a Piss Test song, and you know it's a Piss Test song!
These have got the attitude and the killer tunes to boot. If you're highly distressed that punk music has become way too safe and clean-cut for your degenerate tastes, Piss Test will warm your heart with its sordid tales of chemical abuse and bad life choices.

Fist City are from Calgary, Canada. They recently toured the UK. Their music has been described as "raggedly elegant … stripped down challenging punk", "pop songs clouded in a lo-fi basement show sheen" ; a blend of post-punk and dark-surf, with a twinge of pop. But more than that. Much more. These songs get in to your head, fuck with your mind.

A1 - Fist City – Endless Bummer
A2 - Fist City – Uncontrollable Urge
B1 - Piss Test – Mussolini
B2 - Piss Test – Necrophilia (It's Halal)
B3 - Piss Test – No Money

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