Four Lights ‎– Kobayashi Maru LP (Blue & Gold Vinyl)


Bomb Pop Records ‎(BPR-011)
Stardumb Records (SDR.65)

12 track Blue & Gold Vinyl LP Limited to 200 copies

Seattle teen sensations Four Lights' sizzling sophomore album, "Kobayashi Maru"! The guys in ties went into the studio determined to make a "BIG damn rock record" and they more than succeeded in their goal! Influenced by Weezer, Nada Surf and Jawbreaker.

A1 - Bent
A2 - ComRAD
A3 - Again and Again
A4 - Jimmy’s Song Part 2
A5 - Run
A6 - Let’s Burn Burn Burn
B1 - We Got ’Em
B2 - He’s Got Good Teeth
B3 - No Return
B4 - Characters
B5 - Scene of the Crime
B6 - Jump Back In (or how I learned to stop worrying about love and trust the robots)

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