Furious George - Gets A Record! LP (yellow vinyl)


Recess Records (Recess #43)

16 track Yellow Vinyl LP

George Tabb and pals doing what they do best (or "did" best as this was originally released in 1997). Raw shouty melodic punk and a guest vocal appearance by Mr Joey Ramone. Limited numbers on banana yellow vinyl.

A1 - I Am The King
A2 - I Gotta Gun
A3 - Betty Krocker, Punk Rocker
A4 - Bananas
A5 - Prozac Defense
A6 - Orbit
A7 - Gilligan (Guest Vocals from Joey Ramone)
B1 - Pumpkinhead
B2 - Sorry Ass Sucker
B3 - Take My Life, Please
B4 - Abduct Me
B5 - Counselor Troi, Boy Toy
B6 - Phasers On Ten
B7 - Burger King Is Dead
B8 - Roy Lichtenstein
B9 - The French Mistake