Geoff Palmer - Pulling Out All The Stops LP (red vinyl)


Stardumb Records (SDR.75)

14 track Vinyl LP

Debut LP from Geoff Palmer (aka Geoff Useless) from The Guts, The Connection, The Drunken Cholos, Wimpy And The Medallions, Kurt Baker Band, etc etc. 14 new cuts of first rate power pop.

A1 - This One’s Gonna Be Hot
A2 - Cha-Ching
A3 - I Like Murder Too
A4 - Giving In
A5 - Got The Skinny
A6 - We Can’t Do It
A7 - Everything Is Cool
B1 - All The Hits
B2 - Velcro Shoes
B3 - Walk Through
B4 - Paper Heart
B5 - Donut
B6 - Speed
B7 - Make It

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