Hatrabbits ‎– Cognitive Dissidents 2xLP

Image of Hatrabbits ‎– Cognitive Dissidents 2xLP


Rad Girlfriend Records (RGF-116)
Underground Communique Records ‎(UCR116)

32 track double LP on various colours of Vinyl

Politics, personality and punk rock collide thanks to Fid Fidler, best known for his work in The Measure [sa] and Pity Party. Touching on everything from the current state of the world and problematic pasts of our culture to our place in the universe, "Cognitive Dissidents" delivers a one-two punch to the gut with poignant and smart lyrics that contemplate the meaning of life and futility of existence but don't get lost in sarcasm or existentialism. Fid is a man something to say and he has a band with a plan. Buzzsaw guitars rip through each track adding a unique sonic quality to the record. Mike Yannich (The Ergs, Worriers) takes his position behind the drums and a slew of other notable guest musicians round out the line up. Short bursts of chaotic energy, classic song structures and outstanding musicianship all add to the excellence of this melodic punk masterpiece. It comes with a 34 page lyric book inside a beautiful full-color gate-fold jacket. Art by Lauren Denitzio (Worriers, The Measure [sa]). This album has texture and complexity and plays out in your head like a movie. Think Brainiac meets Ray Bradbury.

A1 Decommisioned
A2 We Insist
A3 Porto
A4 Fables Of The Reconstruction
A5 You Just Want To Flip The Fucking Table
A6 Properties Of Expanding Universes
A7 A Brief History Of Time
A8 Hey Kid
B1 Unreliable Narrator
B2 No Takebacks
B3 Hostile Gospels
B4 Stagefright
B5 Enter Passcode
B6 Cold Dead Hands
B7 You Too, My Friend
B8 Taint Team
C1 No Mandate
C2 Hatful Of Hollow
C3 Standemands!
C4 Is This A Joke?
C5 Vanilla Bean Sings The Hits
C6 The Sound Of Sunlight On Snow
C7 Turndown Service
C8 Can't Make This Shit Up
D1 YOU Know What I'm Talking
D2 The Problem We All Live With
D3 Golden Earth Tigers
D4 Social Contract
D5 Satchel Paige
D6 Now What Fresh Hell Is THIS?
D7 Ornipathy
D8 Terminus

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