Heavy Heart - Distance LP (smokey clear vinyl - 2nd press)


Brassneck Records ‎(NECK024)
CanISay? Records ‎(CIS?033)
Don't Trust The Hype ‎(DTTH47)
Guerilla Asso ‎(KYE059)
Inhumano (INH046)

10 track Clear Vinyl with Black Smoke Effect.
2nd pressing Limited to 500 copies.

Melodic, gravelly voiced French punk for fans of Banner Pilot, Iron Chic, etc. The first press of 500 copies sold out in under 6 months. Don't sleep on this one if you msised out first time around.

A1 - Unravel
A2 - Silent Fortress
A3 - Poison
A4 - Night Words
A5 - Worrier
B1 - Caged
B2 - Respite
B3 - Faces
B4 - Out Of Reach
B5 - Desert

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