Horror Section - Horror Section LP (colour vinyl) - PRE-ORDER


This is a pre-order. Official release date is due 7th December 2018. If you order anything else at the same time, all items will ship together. Cheers.

Eccentric Pop Records

16 track colour vinyl LP on either Orange or Yellow Vinyl (400 copies of each).

After years of sold-out 7” EPs, singles, and comp appearances, Horror Section delivers their highly anticipated debut full length. These guys have spent years perfecting their grindhouse cinema inspired punk rock, sharing the stage with contemporary icons like Teenage Bottlerocket and the Lillingtons, and sharing split records with the likes of Dan Vapid and the Cheats (Screeching Weasel / Riverdales).

A teaser single released ahead of the LP (”They’re Inside”, A-side) quickly earned over 20,000 plays on Spotify and sold out on vinyl within a few short weeks. This album is highly anticipated by an army of fans who eagerly devour every release Horror Section cranks out.

The LP plays like the punk rock soundtrack to a drive-in slasher flick - a toxic sonic sludge that is equal parts Ramones and Freddie Krueger. This record was worth the wait!

Exclusive Euro pre-orders only available from Brassneck Records.

If you live in / near the US obviously go direct to Eccentric Pop Records

A1. Six
A2. They’re Inside
A3. Are You There?
A4. Behind the Wheel
A5. Forever Gone
A6. First Kill
A7. Somebody Else
A8. I Want It Back
B1 - Rooms and Echoes
B2. Make Them Pay
B3. Murder
B4. Wait for You
B5. Resonator
B6. Working Title
B7. Remains
B8. Don’t Know

Available to stream now via all the usual digital platforms people use these days.