Images - Thought Patterns 7"

Image of Images -  Thought Patterns 7"


45 RPM Records ‎(45RPM13)
Water Under The Bridge Records ‎(WUB 007)

4 track Black Vinyl 7" Limited to 500 copies

Images are situated betwixt power pop and poppy punk in the vein of Undertones and BUZZCOCKS. The songs are upbeat and never stop. Everything is up front and right there in your face. They keep it simple and to the point, which give the songs that extra punch. “Caught Me Off Guard” is definitely the stand out here. Mix up some early DESCENDENTS with the BUZZCOCKS and pour some syrup on that. It’s poppier than hell, and like anything sugary, you keep on wanting more. I have made the motion that this is thee official song of the summer, along with limeade being the official beverage of summer 2012. –Matt Average, Razorcake.

The best power pop 7" I've heard in years. - Scott, Brassneck.

A1 - Feeling Tonight
A2 - Can't Get Enough
B1 - Shivers And Scars
B2 - Caught Me Off Guard

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