Jeff Rosenstock ‎– Ska Dream LP (pink vinyl)

Image of  Jeff Rosenstock ‎– Ska Dream LP (pink vinyl)


Specialist Subject Records

13 track Pink Vinyl LP Limited to 500 copies

A fully ska version of Jeff Rosenstock's NO DREAM!? On neon pink vinyl?! Oh yes!

Featuring contributions from Jer Hunter (JER, Skatune Network, We Are The Union,), Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug), Laura Stevenson, Ara Babajian (The Slackers, Leftover Crack), Boboso, Sean Bonnette (AJJ), George Clarke (Deafheaven), David Combs (Bad Moves), Chris Farren, Augusta Koch (Gladie, Cayetana), Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Franz Nicolay, nonregla, Elise Okusami (Oceanator), Mike Park (Bruce Lee Band, Skankin Pickle, Asian Man Records), PUP, Anika Pyle (Katie Ellen, Chumped) & Shannon Toombes.

A1 No Time To Skank
A2 Airwalks (Alt)
A3 Skram!
A4 S K A D R E A M
A5 Horn Line
A6 P I C K I T U P
A7 Leave It In The Ska
B1 The Rudie Of Breathing
B2 Old Skrap
B3 ***Ska
B4 Monday At Back To The Beach
B5 Checkerboard Ashtray
B6 Ohio Porkpie

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