The Queers ‎– Punk Rock Confidential Revisited LP (colour vinyl)

Image of The Queers ‎– Punk Rock Confidential Revisited LP (colour vinyl)


Monster Zero

16 track colour vinyl LP

Punk Rock Confidential Revisited is the re-recorded re-issue of the 1998 classic on Hopeless Records. This version contains two new tracks and there are guest appearances by members from Parasite Diet, The Riptides and Teenage Rehab. Asian Man Records and Rad Girlfriend Records have released it in the USAight, but the Monster Zero version comes with alternate artwork.

A1 - Tamara Is A Punk
A2 - Everything's O.K.
A3 - I Didn't Puke
A4 - Mrs. Brown, You've Got An Ugly Daughter
A5 - The Sun Always Shines Around You
A6 - Beat Your Heart Out
A7 - Punk Rock Confidential
A8 - Today I Fell In Love
B1 - Everyday Girl
B2 - Motherfucker
B3 - Like A Parasite
B4 - Idiot Savant
B5 - I Enjoy Being A Boy
B6 - Don't Mess It Up
B7 - Sayonara Sucker
B8 - Punk Rock Confidential Revisited

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