Brassick – 2.0 LP (white vinyl)

Image of Brassick – 2.0 LP (white vinyl)


TNS Records ‎(TNS092)
Mass Productions ‎(TNS092V)

14 track White Vinyl LP

Brassick's second album promises an unrelenting barrage of fast-paced hardcore punk, a sprinkling of thoughtful melodies, massive guitar sounds and pulsating gravely bass that Lemmy himself would be proud of. The strong thought provoking lyrics tackle a range of social and political issues, delivered by the brilliantly unique vocal equivalent of a punch in the face.

A1 Vultures Of The Poor
A2 They Say
A3 It Could Have Been Any Of Us
A4 They Saved Us
A5 A Half Life
A6 Nobody
A7 Anslinger
B1 Peanut Gallery
B2 39 Souls
B3 Stagnate
B4 Pull Me Up
B5 No Longer
B6 Until It's Gone
B7 Always Exist

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