NECK - Hate To Read LP (orange vinyl)

Image of NECK - Hate To Read LP (orange vinyl)


Uncle D Records

21 track Orange Vinyl LP Limited to 200 copies

Debut LP from Canadian pop-punk band NECK.

One corner of each LP is slightly dinged so I'm selling these cheap. Other than the one corner, everything is brand new and mint condition.

A1 Chop You Up
A2 Undercover/Crocodile
A3 Pull The Rug
A4 Kelly Rippa/I Don't Go To The Movies
A5 Punk Rock T
A6 Sweet Leif
A7 She Psychotic/Skinny Jeans
A8 Hate To Read
A9 Get Used To It
B1 Do What I
B2 Patsy
B3 Hank
B4 Too Friggin Bad
B5 Hipster Beard
B6 Gang Leader
B7 Polymer
B8 Lights Out
B9 Wambulance
B10 Dick Move
B11 Up And Down
B12 Tire Shredding

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