Parasites / Raging Nathans - Split 7" (blue vinyl)


Dead Broke Rekerds
Rad Girlfriend Records
Unless You Try Records

4 track Blue vinyl 7" Limited to 100 copies

The Parasites return with their first split 7" since their split with Boris The Sprinkler more than 20 years ago. Out of all of the bands that were made popular by the 1990's pop punk insurgance, none were as underrated as The Parasites. Undeniable melodies and hooks, along with Dave Parasite's unique and sincere voice made The Parasites one of the most influential punk bands of the 1990's. Their influence has never been stronger than on the two new tracks recorded for this record. The Raging Nathans have proven themselevs to be a reckoning force within the DIY punk rock scene, record after record. And this is no exception. Having shared wax with bands like Wonk Unit, Nobodys, The Slow Death, Rad Company and Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, The Raging Nathans are making their permanent mark on the punk rock world. With these two brand new songs, The Nathans continue in the tradition of the best bands from the classic eras of Epitaph and Lookout Records. The record fills a gap that has been missing for quite sometime in punk rock music. With leads for days, chunky rhythms and honest lyrics, the Nathans once again push themselves ahead of the rest of the pack on this 7".

A1 – Parasites - You Belong To Me
A2 – Parasites - Armed With A Broken Heart
B1 – Raging Nathans - Spoiled Brat
B2 – Raging Nathans - Signals

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