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9 track Black Vinyl LP

Jesse Thorson is a songwriter who has has surpassed all expectations of what a punk rock band should sound like. There's a ton of bands out there that have achieved mainstream success. 90% of them can't hold a candle to what Jesse does. This has never been more apparent with the release of "Stolen Chords and Lifted Riffs", the debut album from his newest band, Petty Larcenists. Literally smack dab in the musical middle of The Slow Death and Pretty Boy Thorson and The Fallen Angels, the Petty Larcenists have created a real Rock and Roll album with all the honesty, grit, and feeling that fans have come to respect and expect out of Jesse Thorson. This album may be the best bunch of songs from one of the best songwriters ever.

A1 - Loud And Ugly
A2 - What Now?
A3 - The Last Time
A4 - Tiny Plastic Bags
A5 - The kids Back Home
B1 - Getting Was Good
B2 - Know What I'm Saying
B3 - Grown Man's Tears
B4 - I Can't Get High

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