Pizzatramp ‎– Revenge Of The Bangertronic Dan Plus 13 Songs LP (colour vinyl)


TNS Records

23 track Blue Marbled Vinyl LP

A1 - Duvet Mover
A2 - Rag And Bone
A3 - Beast
A4 - My Back's Fucking Fucked
A5 - The Idiot's Guide To The Internet
A6 - Blind Fingers Washington
A7 - Dominate, Destroy
A8 - Social Chlamedia
A9 - Gipping In The Parsley
A10 - Dead Nan P's
B1 - Ciggy Butt Brain
B2 - Chunderbus
B3 - Emmy The Chemist
B4 - Claire Voyant
B5 - Tramp Life
B6 - Crackula
B7 - Booze Kruise
B8 - Photo Wanker
B9 - The Lurg
B10 - Taxi Cunts Fuck Off
B11 - The Shredder
B12 - Charlie Don't Surf
B13 -Bono's A Fucking Cunt

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