Plow United - Goodnight Sellout LP

Image of Plow United - Goodnight Sellout LP


Dead Broke Rekerds ‎(DBR-106)

15 track Black Vinyl LP

Plow United's classic second full-length album from 1996 (originally on Creep Records), Reissued & Remastered in its' entirety by the great Stephen Egerton (Descendents/All) at Armstrong Recording in Tulsa.

A1 - Plow II
A2 - You Can't Kill Me (I'm Already Dead)
A3 - Time 2
A4 - Fuck Up
A5 - West Chester Rock City
A6 - Baldwin IV (The Leper King)
A7 - Burn Up
B1 - Covered
B2 - Lighters
B3 - Generator
B4 - Confrontation 101
B5 - Go Home
B6 - WPG
B7 - Header
B8 - Complete Conformity '96

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