Punkémon - Gotta Rock 'em All 7" (purple vinyl)

Image of Punkémon - Gotta Rock 'em All 7" (purple vinyl)


Sounds Rad ‎(RAD-005-7)

2 track Purple Vinyl 7" Limited to 400 copies

Punkemon emerged at the end of the last century, from the fevered brain of Lookout Records president Chris Appelgren, inspired by Kasenetz and Katz to fabricate a ‘mon-sploitation band dispensing Bubblegum for the new era. In-house Lookout stars contributed songs and sounds, but they flew too low, too late. Release was an abandoned dream. Their destiny was the vault. They could have been bigger than the Beagles. These two songs are all that remain. Featuring Dr. Frank (MTX), Mel Bergman (Phantom Surfers), Chris Imlay (Hi-Fives), and Chris Appelgren (Pee Chees)... produced by Kevin Army, written by Dr. Frank.

A1 - Lickitung
B1 - Pocket Monsters

Lickitung is on Youtube