Radioactivity - Silent Kill lp

Image of Radioactivity - Silent Kill lp


Dirtnap Records ‎(ZZZ-138)

12 track Black Vinyl LP

Seems pretty safe to assume that almost no one doubted Radioactivity's ability to follow up their 2013 Dirtnap debut with something equally stunning. Frontman and chief songwriter Jeff Burke (THE MARKED MEN, THE REDS, THE POTENTIAL JOHNS) has certainly done more than enough to earn that kind of expectation and pressure. But 'Silent Kill', which finds Burke backed by MARKED MEN compatriot Mark Ryan and two-thirds of BAD SPORTS (Daniel Fried and Gregory Rutherford), does more than merely match the virtues of its self-titled predecessor.

RADIOACTIVITY's first LP was rightly hailed as a sort of sequel to The MARKED MEN's remarkable run through the first decade of the millennium, and while 'Silent Kill' bears the unmistakable hallmarks of that band's tightly wound "Denton sound," RADIOACTIVITY can now lay claim to a sonic territory of their very own. Burke's distinctive hooks dig as deep as ever, but the scope of his vision has expanded, and now that the Burke/Ryan/Fried/Rutherford all-star team has had some time to cohere, RADIOACTIVITY can do all sorts of damage in less than thirty minutes.

A1 - Battered
A2 - Stripped Away
A3 - Not Here
A4 - Way Out
A5 - Silent Kill
A6 - No Connection
B1 - I Know
B2 - No Alarm
B3 - Where I Come From
B4 - Silent
B5 - With You
B6 - Pretty Girl

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