Various Artists - Punk Rock Raduno Vol. 4 LP

Image of Various Artists - Punk Rock Raduno Vol. 4 LP


Flamingo Records / It's Alive Records / Mom's Basement Records / Monster Zero / Stardumb Records

23 track Black Vinyl LP

Compilation LP featuring songs by the bands playing at the 4th Punk Rock Raduno Festival in Italy in 2019.

A1. Pansy Division - Coming Clean
A2. Red Car Burns – Kidult
A3. The Creeps - Group Of Three
A4. Livermores - Who Killed F.P.
A5. Kepi Ghoulie – When The Kids Go Go Go Crazy
A6. Sweatpants Party - I Hate Pineapple
A7. Dan Vapid & The Cheats - Cloudy Day
A8. 7Years - Hey Fascist
A9. Derozer - Branca Day (Live At Rivolta)
A10. The Copyrights – Let’s Get The Fuck Out Of Here
A11. The Yum Yums - Bubblegum Baby
A12. The Reekys - I Don’t Like You
B1. The Murderburgers - Bohemian Rhapsody Part 2
B2. DeeCracks - Getting By
B3. The Avengers – We’re The One
B4. Airbag - Local 64
B5. Gli Ignoranti – Maglietta
B6. Kurt Baker Combo - Nothing But A Heartache
B7. I Like Allie - Clichés Of Love Stories
B8. McRackins - Happy Hour
B9. Senzabenza - The Curse Of The Ramones
B10. Flamingo Nosebleed - Hangover Girl
B11. Nimrods – It’s Hard Out There For A Nimrod

Digital Bonus Tracks:
1. The Ferrets - This Summer Sucks
2. The Ponches - What A Shame (Jani Lane)
3. Werecats - Murder Beast

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