Rations – How Much Land Does A Man Need? 7"

Image of Rations – How Much Land Does A Man Need? 7"


86'd Records And Fanzine (86D 007)
Square Of Opposition Records (SofO 038)
Intense Human Victories (IHV 06)
Rad Girlfriend Records (RGF 003)
Lost Cat Records (LC8)
Pavones Records (PR 005)
Drunken Sailor Records (DS 006)
Messner Records (MES 001)
Jerk Store Records And Fanzine (JSR 01)
Eager Beaver Records (EBR 012)

5 track Black vinyl 7"

Five new songs in 10 minutes from Long Island, NY punkers. This is the follow up to 2010’s "For Victory" LP/CD. The 7" is packaged in a 12 page booklet w/ artwork, lyrics, and information. First stuff with Tia Meilinger (Fellow Project & Bridge and Tunnel) on bass. The release is split label cooperation among 10 DIY labels from across the globe.

A1 - Parenthesis
A2 - A War Of All, Against All
A3 - Lament
B1 - No Answer
B2 - How Much Land Does A Man Need?