Rene SG - FUCKO! 7"

Image of Rene SG - FUCKO! 7"


Monster Zero ‎(MZ64)

12 track Black Vinyl 7" Limited to 250 copies

FUCKO is the new single of RENE SG from Amsterdam (NL), previously unreleased material, a re-issue of their legendary sold-out debut 'RENE SG' and a greatest hits-collection spanning their entire career all-in-one!!! 12 songs compressed on one fucking 7 inch!!! FFO Ramones, Zeke, Motörhead and punkrock!

A1 - Fucko
A2 - I Don't Give A Fuck
A3 - 'Til Hell Freezes Over
B1 - Ride Hell For Leather
B2 - Go To Hell
B3 - Fucked Up
B4 - Fuck You
B5 - Piece Of Shit
B6 - Fucking Shit
B7 - Arty Farty Bullshit
B8 - Full Of Shit
B9 - Shorttrack

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