Rene SG - FUCKO! 7"

Image of Rene SG - FUCKO! 7"


Monster Zero ‎(MZ64)

12 track Black Vinyl 7" Limited to 250 copies

FUCKO is the new single of RENE SG from Amsterdam (NL), previously unreleased material, a re-issue of their legendary sold-out debut 'RENE SG' and a greatest hits-collection spanning their entire career all-in-one!!! 12 songs compressed on one fucking 7 inch!!! FFO Ramones, Zeke, Motörhead and punkrock!

A1 Fucko
A2 I Don't Give A Fuck
A3 'Til Hell Freezes Over
B1 Ride Hell For Leather
B2 Go To Hell
B3 Fucked Up
B4 Fuck You
B5 Piece Of Shit
B6 Fucking Shit
B7 Arty Farty Bullshit
B8 Full Of Shit
B9 Shorttrack

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