Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man ‎– That Was Just A Noise LP (blue vinyl)

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5FeetUnder Records
TNS Records

26 track Blue Vinyl LP

The album features tracks from their 3 TNS released albums; Make Pigs Smoke (2009), Shattered Dreams Parkway (2012) and Colossal Velocity (2016) alongside rare, out of press tracks from 7”s, splits and EPs and two brand new, previously unreleased tunes.

A1 Get Pissed, Talk Shit, Dance Like An Idiot
A2 Rita, Sue And Bob Too
A3 This Is Where The Idiot Lives
A4 Mine's A Pint
A5 Mainstream Music Is Shit
A6 Needles To Say
A7 I Know A Cracking Owl Sanctuary
A8 Drop Dead
A9 Drinking In The Van
A10 Booze Time
A11 The End Of Everything
A12 Another Way
A13 Look At Me, I'm A Fucking Tiger
A14 Is This Cool
B1 Fuck The Sea
B2 Beer For Breakfast (Tim G Remix)
B3 Things I Have Learned In My Life So Far (From The Cradle To The Rave Remix)
B4 Past Lives Of Saints (Bootscraper Cover)
B5 To Be Frank
B6 I Am Absolutely Fuming
B7 I Wanna Be A Spaceman
B8 Rrose Sélavy (To Make A Toast To Life)
B9 Fake News
B10 Planet Earth II
B11 The Queen Is Dead, Long Live The King Singers
B12 15 Million Merits (In Session)

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