Rivethead - The Cheap Wine of Youth 12" (blue vinyl)


Recess Records (Recess 79)

6 track Blue Vinyl mini LP.

One of the best records ever made. Made up of members of (although pre-dating) such bands as Banner Pilot, Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord, The Slow Death, The Gateway District, House Boat and many more. This record is pretty much essential so don't miss out.

A1 - Avoidance Learning
A2 - In My Heart A Warehouse Burns For You
A3 - Sleeptight Ya' Morons
B1 - 48 Double Stack
B2 - Sleepless In St. Paul
B3 - Traffic Street

Random Youtube video for Traffic Street can be found here and there's a few other songs from this release on there too. Check it out!