The Mr. T Experience ‎– Shards Vol. 2 LP (red vinyl)

Image of The Mr. T Experience ‎– Shards Vol. 2 LP (red vinyl)


Sounds Rad ‎(RAD-004-1)

16 track Red Vinyl LP Limited to 500 copies

MR. T EXPERIENCE, Shards Vol 2. is the second of a two-volume collection of rarities, live tracks and outtakes--versions of songs previously scattered on any numerous of B-sides, and compilations. Shards Vol 2. is the first-time that these tracks have been assembled in a complete format--a must for fans and collectors of MR. T EXPERIENCE'S catalog of songs. Now the collection of rarities has been fully remastered and pressed on 180-gram cherry red vinyl.

A1 - We Are The Future People Of Tomorrow
A2 -Is There Something I Should Know?
A3 - Crash
A4 - T-Shirt Commercial
A5 - Vive La France
A6 - Time For Your Medicine
A7 - Hello Kitty Menendez
A8 - How'd The Date End?
B1 - Told You Once
B2 - Don't Go Away Go Go Girl
B3 - Another Yesterday
B4 - Gilman Street
B5 - I Ain't Gonna Be History
B6 - Look Back And Crack
B7 - God Bless Lawrence Livermore
B8 - King Dork (Forward ’til Death version)