Shotwell / Miami - Split LP

Image of Shotwell / Miami - Split LP

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Dead Broke Rekerds ‎(DBR-144)

16 track Black Vinyl LP Limited to 400 copies.
Includes download code and 32 page A4 zine.

Reissue of one of the best DIY punk rock split LPs, EVER. Punk veterans from San Fransisco, CA. that includes members of: Strawman, Allergic To Bullshit, Hickey, Chickenhead, Onion Flavored Rings, Black Rainbow & so many more. Originally released in 2000, this is just in time for its 17th anniversary! After one year in-the-works & a meticulous release process, the album is reissued & pressed from the original master tapes, as well as cover art being pro re-touched & restored!

A1 – Shotwell - Sinking The Ship
A2 – Shotwell - Once In Awhile
A3 – Shotwell - Winking On A Whim
A4 – Shotwell - Poised For Attack
A5 – Shotwell - Half The Truth
A6 – Shotwell - What It Takes
A7 – Shotwell - Eppli
A8 – Shotwell - Geneva Avenue Fallout
B1 – Miami - The City That Never Sleeps
B2 – Miami - The Big One
B3 – Miami - Sleepwalking Through Life
B4 – Miami - Deja Vu
B5 – Miami - No Joy In Mudville
B6 – Miami - The Vampire Song
B7 – Miami - Wags
B8 – Miami - Thirsty

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