Simon Wells ‎– Crime Of The Scene LP

Image of Simon Wells ‎– Crime Of The Scene LP


Chopback Music ‎(CBM001LP)

11 track Black Vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve.

For those of you not in the know (??), Simon Wells was in Snuff when Snuff was first born. He was (and still technically is) in Southport. Both of those bands are firm Brassneck favourites. This is Si's debut solo album and it's amazing. But maybe not in the way you'd expect. Drawing arrangement influences from the likes of James Taylor, Van Morrison and Howlin Wolf, "Crime Of The Scene" is an acoustic album with finely crafted and poignant lyrics. Acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums and viola are sparsely utilised to support Simon’s gravelly and soulful vocals. A genuinely brilliant and beautiful collection of songs for people who want something a little different now and then. Buy it!

A1 - Slide
A2 - The Last Time
A3 - All At Sea
A4 - Somehow
A5 - Optimism
B1 - Don't Look Back
B2 - Calypso
B3 - Best Of Me
B4 - Fade Away
B5 - Turn It Up
B6 - Hold On

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