Snuff - Potatoes And Melons, Do Do Do's & Zsa Zsa Zsa's LP (orange vinyl)


10 past 12 Records
Sbam Records

17 track Orange Black & White Vinyl LP

Snuff’s 1997 compilation album of covers and originals is finally back! Widely known for short as ‘Potatoes And Melons’. Originally released as two separate albums by Fatwreck (USA) and Deceptive (UK). The new 2021 repackaged version is brought to you by the band’s own 10 past 12 records (UK) and SBAM (Europe) on limited edition colour vinyl. The new title ‘Potatoes And Melons, Do Do Dos & Zsa Zsa Zsas’ brings all the original album tracks compiled with the ‘Do Do Do’ & ‘Gandara’ Eps as well as some hard to find and long out of print extra tracks that Duncan has found in the back of the lockup.

Along with the classics originals you will discover cover versions such as "Magic Moments" and "Shadows of Love," played in that classic Snuff style of aggressive, harmonised melodic motown punk. You’ll even find a touch of calypso and ska spread out on the renditions of "Soul Limbo" and "Rivers of Babylon”. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without the catchiest theme tune of all time from a British 1970’s sitcom ‘Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads’.

A1 Theme From Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads
A2 Come And Gone
A3 Russian Fields
A4 Rivers Of Babylon
A5 Magic Moments
A6 Time Dub
A7 Soul Limbo
A8 Pink Purple
A9 Standing In The Shadows Of Love*
B1 Flake
B2 Theme From Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads (Deceptive single version)
B3 I Will Survive*
B4 Soul Limbo*
B5 It Must Be Boring Being Snuff*
B6 Gandara**
B7 Ye Olde Folke Twatte**
B8 Auld Lang Syne-Hotaru No Hikari**

*Versions from the 'Do Do Do' Ep
**Versions from the 'Gandara' Ep