So-Cho Pistons - Piston Bop Nite!! LP

Image of So-Cho Pistons - Piston Bop Nite!! LP


Monster Zero (MZ-39)

14 track Black Vinyl LP

From Hiroshima, Japan, here are The So-Cho Pistons! Bastard children of Ramones, owners of Dumb Records, and fast as banzai! Killer artwork, ultra-cool songs, Ramonescore to the max.

A1 - Last Day
A2 - My name
A3 - Far Off Glory
A4 - One-Minute Life
A5 - My Heroic Demise
A6 - Goddamn Guy
A7 - Fuck You Banzai
B1 - Piston Bop Nite!!
B2 - Grass In The Twilight
B3 - In An Instant
B4 - Ronin
B5 - Though The Shape Changes
B6 - Hey Ho let's Go Yeah!!
B7 - Shining in The Moonlight