Somerset Thrower ‎– Godspeed LP

Image of Somerset Thrower ‎– Godspeed LP


Dead Broke Rekerds

10 track Black Vinyl LP

"Long Island’s Somerset Thrower are returning this year with a new album, Godspeed via Dead Broke Rekerds. They’ve got a sound that’s got one foot in Jawbreaker/Sunny Day Real Estate-style emo and another in Gin Blossoms-y alt-rock, and though they aren’t the first modern-day band to bring those two sides of the ’90s together, they do it in a way that feels fresh and vital. Their songs really rip, and they really reach that cathartic climax that music like this is supposed to reach, as you can hear for yourself on lead single “Wake Up, Motherfucker! It’s Casual Friday!” - BrooklynVegan

A1 - New Car Scent
A2 - Wake Up Motherfucker! It's Casual Friday
A3 - Righteousness Is A Warm Gun
A4 - Grace In Heaven
A5 - Eject
B1 - Jellyfish Scene
B2 - Burn Through Witches
B3 - Pleasant View
B4 - Come One, Come All
B5 - Des Moines

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