Spoilers - Recently Re-Released LP (colour vinyl)

Image of Spoilers - Recently Re-Released LP (colour vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck045)
Boss Tuneage (BTRC12-123)
Little Rocket Records
SBAM Records

12 track Random Colour Vinyl LP (copies are a leitehr green or blue vinyl)

'Recently Re-released' is a limited edition vinyl version of Spoilers' compilation CD from last year and it compiles everything they released prior to their debut LP 'Roundabouts'. That means, all 6 songs from the 'Stay Afloat' mini-album, the 2 songs from their split 7" with The No Marks, one previously unreleased song with Kenny (now in Wonk Unit) singing, plus 3 acoustic versions from Spoilers frontman Dan, all one one handy colourful record. You know it makes sense.

A1 - All For One
A2 - Freaked
A3 - Stay Afloat
A4 - The Unlucky Winner Is...
A5 - Punks Don't Die
A6 - Who's To Blame
B1 - Same Again (EP Version)
B2 - Lost Your Way (EP Version)
B3 - Bonjour
B4 - Lost Your Way (Acoustic)
B5 - Stay Afloat (Acoustic)
B6 - Punks Don't Die (Acoustic)

The full stream/download will be available on release day but in the meantime you can hear some of the songs included here