Spokenest ‎– Gone, Gone, Gone LP (clear smokey vinyl)


Drunken Sailor Records

12 track Clear Vinyl with Black Smoke LP.
Includes download code.

"New 12 song, 30 minuted LP. 3 years in the making. Dissonance and melody. Superchunk and hardcore,” guitarist and co-vocalist Daryl Gussin explains. Joined by drummer Adrian Tenney, the pair formed out of GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE to create some lo-fi brilliance.

Arriving about three years after the release of their debut 12″ EP We Move (also available here), Gone, Gone, Gone is a jam-packed collection of swiftly delivered raucous-pretty hits, a sun-drenched living room window before & after being broken. The duo is comprised of drummer/vocalist Adrian Tenney (also of Badlands) and guitarist/vocalist Daryl Gussin, whose voices mesh sweetly & perfectly, layered over ferocious whirlwinds of guitar and drums. This one’s dying for you to play it loud and often.
Angry, visceral and urgent. Essential.

A1 - Back
A2 - Kind
A3 - Whisper
A4 - Lose
A5 - Other Way
A6 - Sense
B1 - Gone
B2 - Wrote
B3 - Shine
B4 - Listen
B5 - Tell Me
B6 - Reasons

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