Stay Clean Jolene / Does It Float - Split 7" (red vinyl)


All In Vinyl ‎(AIV038)

4 track Red Vinyl 7" Limited to 300 copies.

On the back of an excellent demo then debut album, Stay Clean Jolene follow it up 2 brand new songs with their familiar sound of energetic gruff punk rock. Featuring members of The Leif Ericsson and The Great St. Louis, their pedigree speaks for itself.

Does It Float (veterans of the Tokyo punk rock DIY scene) provide some emo tinged punk rock that's as addictive as anything you'll hear this year!

A1 Stay Clean Jolene - Red Salt
A2 Stay Clean Jolene - The Last Man On
B1 Does It Float - Speak For My Secret
B2 Does It Float - Forget Completely

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