Steve Adamyk Band ‎– Graceland LP

Image of Steve Adamyk Band ‎– Graceland LP


Dirtnap Records ‎(ZZZ-142)

13 track Black Vinyl LP

Blame Canada. Or for that matter, Ottawa. The Capital's kings of punk- power-fuzz are back and better than ever. After a whack of records and worldwide touring, "Graceland" is Adamyk's most dynamic and cohesive record to date, without breaking the mould. Colleen Green (Hardly Art) sings on it, Mike Krol (Merge) croons on it and members of Sonic Avenues are now staples in the band.
This time, the band bunkered down in Montreal with engineer Adrian Popivich (Solids, The Dears) to bring Graceland to life. In the meantime, scream along to "Through My Fingers", or get lost in the depths of "High Mile"; the choice is yours.
Mr. Adamyk has been nothing but prolific since coming aboard the Dirtnap roster, this is already his fifth LP, with a sixth is in the planning stage,

A1 - Through My Fingers
A2 - Carry On
A3 - If I Wanted To
A4 - Swallow You Whole
A5 - Broken Arms
A6 - Die Dead Forever
A7 - False Teeth
B1 - Give It Away
B2 - Lose Control
B3 - Tell Me To Fall
B4 - Fallen Off
B5 - High Mile
B6 - She's On My Mind

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