Svetlanas ‎– This is Moscow Not LA LP

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Rad Girlfriend Records (RGF067)

10 track Black Vinyl LP

“This is Moscow not LA” is the new record from the most dangerous band in the world. Svetlanas. Front woman Olga’s unique growl rips through 10 tracks of pummeling, unrelenting hardcore punk. Ripping guitar solos and breakneck drums are the meat and potatoes of this record. Round everything out with Nick Oliveri on bass (Queens of the Stone Age, Dwarves), throw in a Motorhead cover for good measure and you’ve got and you have one of the best hardcore rock n roll records of this decade. With songs like “Putin on the Hitz”, “Put Your Middle Fingers Up” and “Where Is My Borscht?” you know that Svetlanas are angry, amped up and ready to slay anyone who stands in their way. Confrontational, political and not afraid to speak their minds, Svetlanas are in a class of their own. Which is why they have toured relentlessly with legendary punk bands like The Dickies, TSOL, The Queers, The Dwarves, and The Adolescents. Fans of punk rock, hardcore and rock and roll will not be able to stop playing this record. Borrowing the name of the album from the legendary comp “This is Boston, Not L.A.” Svetlanas prove that they could have been right at home with the bands on the original comp. With three albums under their belt and a slew of EPs including splits with bands like Dwarves and The Adolescents, “This is Moscow not LA” marks a pivotal milestone in the bands history. Exiled from their home country of Russia, the members of Svetlanas have made their current home in Milan, Italy. Their anti-government stance and political commentaries have turned the band into an enemy of the state. Not only is the sale or possession of their music unlawful in Russia, they are also now no longer allowed to return to their country and are considered enemies of the state. Their skyrocketing popularity has done great for them in Europe and the United States but it isn’t doing them any favors in Russia. The Kremlin just isn’t ready for the aural assault that is Svetlanas.

A1 - Putin On The Hitz
A2 - Lose Control
A3 - Tell Me Why
A4 - Let's Get Drunk
A5 - Vodka'N'Roll
B1 - Negative Approach
B2 - Speed Freak
B3 - Put Your Middle Fingers Up
B4 - Where Is My Borscht
B5 - People Suck

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